Amazon Launches New Online Store for Small Businesses

AmazonA still from Amazon’s new commercial

AmazonA still from Amazon’s new commercial

At its most basic, Storefront will feature a curated selection of more than one million products from almost 20,000 US-based small businesses.

"We're championing their success with this new store and a national advertising campaign featuring a successful MI business selling on Amazon to customers across the U.S. and worldwide".

Amazon is thinking small for a change. These small sellers have become more important to Amazon, since its third-party sales - those that aren't made directly by Amazon - now account for more than half of Amazon's online sales.

Amazon has launched its latest website: Amazon Storefronts. Amazon launched the new store to offer customers an easy way to buy from small and medium-sized businesses in all 50 states through the convenient and trusted Amazon experience. A year ago alone, Amazon says, more than 300,000 small businesses started selling on Amazon.

The site curates the companies' products in more than 25 categories, including Home, Kitchen, Grocery, Halloween, and Back to School. In 2017, more than 300,000 US -based small and medium-sized businesses started selling on Amazon.

Amazon will feature the included businesses in marketing for the new initiative.

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"This is a ton of exposure for us", says Holly Rutt, who co-founded The Little Flower Soap 2010, and has been selling on Amazon for two years.

Storefronts joins three similar landing pages Amazon created to highlight smaller businesses: Launchpad and Exclusives, for up-and-coming brands, and Handmade, for hand-crafted jewelry, art and gifts. Kicking off the site's launch is The Little Flower Soap Co., which sells handmade soap from MI. According to Amazon's own report, the company has created 900,000 jobs for small businesses.

Still, it seems egregious to have a "books" section on the Storefronts page when Amazon single-handedly decimated the brick-and-mortar book industry.

If more small businesses can get involved with Storefronts, there's even more of a possibility for customers to get an intimate buying experience without leaving the Amazon platform.

In May, Amazon argued it was good for small businesses in its Small Business Impact Report.

"I feel like they're really kind of appealing to a different audience".

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