There are only 4 personality types, study finds

All the young dudes teenage boys are most likely to fall into the Self-centered category

Enlarge All the young dudes teenage boys are most likely to fall into the Self-centered

They've determined there are four personality types that everyone fits into: average, reserved, self-centered and role model.

"People have tried to classify personality types since Hippocrates' time, but previous scientific literature has found that to be nonsense", explains study co-author Prof.

"Now, these data show there are higher densities of certain personality types", said Revelle. Character kinds as a idea are restful controversial in psychology, as it'll be intelligent to gain scientific proof of kinds. Previous attempts based on small research groups created results that often were not replicable. These made no sense to experts in the personality field and represented statistical artifacts, study co-author Martin Gerlach said.

The researchers discovered the four congregations by utilizing an algorithm to perceive decoration in the data from 145,388 peoples' outcomes on a personality trial vociferate the International Personality Item Pool. To make sure these weren't also errors, the researchers tested the calculations on three other huge data sets from three other personality tests: 410,376 results from the Johnson-120 test; 575,380 results from the myPersonality-100 test; and 386,375 results from the BBC-44 test.

"The thing that is really, really cool is that a study with a dataset this large would not have been possible before the web", Amaral said.

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"Previously, maybe researchers would recruit undergraduates on campus, and maybe get a few hundred people". When there are thousands of quizzes available online, we can't wait to go for the shortcut and find out who we are. Each one is based on the extent to which people display five different major character traits, including neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness.

The "role model" cluster, the authors say, had low neuroticism, but all of the other personality traits - extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness - are high. "I think the practical application, what I would say for the general public, is that it just heightens awareness about what type of a person you might be", Flett said. The pair used an algorithm to sort the responses into different clusters and uncovered four personality types that appeared across all four survey datasets with disproportionate frequency.

People who fall into the reserved category are "emotionally stable, but not open or neurotic". However, they score higher on conscientiousness and agreeableness. Role models, finally, have high levels of extraversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness, and comparably low levels of neuroticism. Folks customarily are usually within the Role Model category as they age, and girls customarily are usually in this neighborhood than men."These are those that're real and originate to new suggestions", Amaral said.

Practically speaking, the new clusters suffer from the same problem, said Michael Ashton, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario who studies personality but was not involved in the current research. "In fact, life is easier if you have more dealings with role models". There is a very dramatic decrease in the number of self-centered types as people age, both with women and men.

Have you taken a personality test online or at your workplace? This procedure revealed the four groups they reported. "I believed there were no types at all", but the data "kept coming up with the same four higher densities than you'd expect by chance", Revelle says in a release. "We developed a new method to guide people to solve the clustering problem to test the findings". Older people tend to be less neurotic and more conscientious and agreeable than those under 20, according to the research. Amaral, "it's clear there are trends, that some people may be changing some of these characteristics over time", suggesting that "this could be a subject of future research".

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