Amazon's new microwave can be controlled with your voice

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Microsoft is yet to reveal a rollout schedule for the new Skype calling support feature for Alexa

Below we've run down the list of devices that are either available right now or are up for pre-order right now. With Amazon Echo Auto. If you've bought an echo Dot, it's in your home - but it's increasingly baked into modern cars, too.

The latest Echo Plus comes with fabric design and an integrated temperature sensor.

For the connectivity-driven drivers, Echo Auto also brings the smart home with it. Users can issue commands such as "open/close the garage door" and control their thermostat or lights directly from the vehicle before they get home. It produced a satisfying rumble in Amazon's demo, reaching far past the low frequency range of any other Echo device we've tested.

Amazon's looking to join the fight for your driving attention, now a three-way tossup between other cars on the road, Google's Android Auto, and Apple's CarPlay. The whole family's in the mix! What didn't come as a surprise at all, however, is the fact that most of the new devices Amazon unveiled on Thursday are already available for preorder. The Echo Input is not dissimilar to Google's Chromecast Audio except that it incorporates mics to recognize voice commands, but will retail for US$35. The smart speaker is also available in three colours. Chief among these is a larger 10-inch display (up from 7-inches) and picks up real-time Dolby sound processing.

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They're a significant departure from the other Echo devices in terms of design, with plain, black, blocky chassis instead of rounded, cloth-covered profiles. This subwoofer will be shipped starting on October 11th, and is for sale now for approximately $130 United States dollars. That's a $180 discount off what they'd cost on their own. Google, Apple, Amazon, and Samsung, all have thrown in their hats in the ring in the hope of emerging as the leader in a space that many believe will define the convergence between humankind and technology in the coming decades.

And you thought Amazon's crafty consumerism ended with the microwave. But inside is the ability to capture and record live TV from an antenna (sold separately), DVR style, 2 shows at a time. Among the bevy of goodies are brand new versions of existing products including the Echo Dot, Echo Plus and the Echo Show.

The hockey puck-shaped Dot is one of Amazon's best-selling devices, and with 70% better sound it's going after audiophiles. Amazon is determined to get Alexa into every corner of your home. The market researcher says about 12 million smart speakers like the Amazon Echo shipped in the April through June period. This plug has an outlet on it.

This product does exactly what the name suggests - it is a plug that's compatible with Alexa.

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