Taped sneakers sold by Nordstrom prompt backlash

Massive Backlash Against Expensive'Taped Up Sneakers For Glorifying Poverty

Taped sneakers sold by Nordstrom prompt backlash

Internet is filled with many odd and weird things and sometimes weird things get famous, the same happened to a pair of tattered "Superstar Tape Sneaker" which went viral on internet.

On Nordstrom's website, the shoe's description made mention of "crumply, hold-it-together tape" that "details a distressed leather sneaker in a retro low profile with a signature sidewall star and a grungy rubber cupsole".

Twitter users weren't happy that Golden Goose is charging such a hefty price for the sneakers, with some accusing the brand of "mocking poverty".

The design is a riff on the "distressed" fashion trend, but some shoppers think that the intentional wear and tear of a pair of brand-new sneakers is in poor taste, especially when seen in the context of those whose shoes look like that because of economic depression as opposed to a style trend.

Retailer Nordstrom is facing criticism online after offering a pair of $530 shoes that come pre-scuffed up and held together with tape.

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Some think that the taped-up sneakers are weird and overpriced.

Worokya Duncan wrote to Nordstrom on Twitter, complaining that the shoes are "awful" and "insensitive". The company recently sold a pair of PRPS men's trousers, caked with fake dirt, for $425; and a pair of Topshop "mom jeans" with see-through knees for $95.

The brand attracted backlash too, with some accusing Golden Goose of "poverty appropriation" - but the outrage didn't deter the retailer from coming up with new versions of the design two years later.

According to Golden Goose's website, the "Superstar", as the shoe is called, consists of a "calf suede upper" featuring a "hot application of coloured tape" and intentionally worn laces.

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