Almost £14M worth of COCAINE discovered in banana boxes

Almost £14M worth of COCAINE discovered in banana boxes

Almost £14M worth of COCAINE discovered in banana boxes

"Sometimes, life gives you lemons". And sometimes, it gives you something you'd never expect!'

Almost $18million-worth of cocaine was found in a shipment of bananas donated to the Texas prison system.

It was in a Facebook post that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced that the drugs were found in two pallets of bananas.

According to the post, the discovery was made by two of its sergeants after they noticed "something not quite right" with the boxes after they were unloaded.

Sergeants found the hidden cocaine after lifting a box that felt different.

The banana boxes contained a surprise.

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"Inside, under a bundle of bananas, he found another bundle!" Customs officials were called to the scene with authorities saying that 540 packages of cocaine were found within 45 boxes of bananas. "What appeared to be a white powdery substance".

It is believed the boxes hid a stash of cocaine.

Romanian authorities said in July 2016 that they uncovered some 2.3 tons of cocaine in a banana shipment from Colombia and other South American countries, the AP said.

There were 540 bundles, and $17,820,000 worth of the drug.

The DEA and Customs continue to investigate, it wasn't immediately clear who the sender or original intended recipient was.

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