Netflix might make a choose-your-own-adventure 'Black Mirror'

Black Mirror

Netflix might make a choose-your-own-adventure 'Black Mirror'

While previous titles in Netflix's Choose Your Own Adventure formula have been season-long adventures, this Black Mirror venture will only last a single episode that, according to Bloomberg, will be part of the show's fifth season that's due to come out in December.

In addition to the interactive episode of Black Mirror, Netflix is also developing other original projects based around that idea as well.

We've also ranked our top 10 Black Mirror episodes of all time, the show, by Charlie Brooker and once a Channel 4 exclusive in the United Kingdom, that is now available on Netflix.

Right now, Netflix does offer choose-your-own-adventure style storytelling for kids' programming.

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It's worth noting that Black Mirror isn't the only show to allow viewers to choose their own path. HBO got ambitious with Steven Soderbergh's Mosaic, which had an app that allowed viewers to see the storyline from different perspectives and play it out in an order of their choosing. At the very least, it's not like Black Mirror needs a gimmick to stay popular, so I'm curious to see what the show does with it. It appears that the rollout was a success since they're moving forward with more mature original content. (Nothing like binging some psychologically-scarring television around the holidays!) But the real news is that in one episode from the new season, viewers will be able to interact with the story and make decisions to determine the ending. After watching one version, the viewer can go back and choose the alternate scenario.

Bloomberg reports that an episode of the next season of Black Mirror will be the first interactive show designed for adult viewers.

This is about as Black Mirror as Black Mirror is going to get. With that being said, Netflix will probably start the promotional campaign for Season 5 in the next month, preparing fans for the unique interactive episode.

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