Rock used as doorstop revealed to be meteorite worth $100K

The farmer told the man that as it was part of the property, he could have it.

He contacted Central Michigan University who tested and confirmed that the rock was not only a meteorite, but a particularly large one at that.

What makes the meteorite found in MI unique is that it is 88% iron and 12% nickel.

"I walked in there and there's this rock and i said you got everything all cleaned up but what's this? and he said oh that's a meteorite", says David, who owns the meteorite. This isn't just any space rock, though.

The charred hunk of space debris is the sixth largest meteorite ever found in the state, and it's estimated worth tops $100,000.

"It's the most valuable specimen I have ever held in my life, monetarily and scientifically", Sibescu said.

According to the report, the man had been using the meteorite as a doorstop for the last 30 years.

Oh, and it's also a meteorite that he says hurtled to the Earth in the 1930s, according to a news release from Central Michigan University.

The original owner told him he had seen the space rock come down on the property way back in the 1930s and that "it made a heck of a noise when it hit".

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He was inspired to have it checked out by the university after a rise in meteorite discoveries in MI.

As the farmer was showing him around the property, they went out to a shed.

Central Michigan University estimates the meteorite's value at around $100,000.

The meteorite hasn't sold yet, but the Smithsonian Museum is considering buying it, as well as another collector.

It's a story that began out of this world almost a hundred years ago when a meteorite crashed down to earth near Edmore, Michigan. The Smithsonian is considering purchasing the meteorite.

The Smithsonian and a mineral museum in ME are considering purchasing the meteorite for display, according to CMU.

Whatever amount the owner receives, he has promised to give 10 percent of the sale value to the university to be used as funding for students in earth and atmospheric sciences.

And geologist Mona Sirbescu said she "could tell right away that this was something special".

"Just think, what I was holding is a piece of the early solar system that literally fell into our hands", she said.

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