SpaceX plans Vandenberg satellite launch Sunday evening may create sonic boom

Falcon 9 rocket lifting off left from Vandenberg Air Force Base as seen from Pismo Beach Calif. Sunday Oct. 7 2018 and then its first stage returning right to Earth at a nearby landing pad. Th

Social media lights up with SpaceX satellite launch

Social media went into a frenzy in Southern California Sunday night after odd lights appeared to cross the evening sky.

People as far away as Phoenix and Sacramento posted photos of the Falcon 9 rocket's launch and return on Sunday night.

But, no need to fear.

Aside from the stir it caused among the locals, the launch was a huge success for SpaceX.

"What you're looking at is the first launch and landing of the @SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on the West Coast".

U.S. Air Force officials warned residents of multiple counties across the Golden State earlier this week that they might hear "one or more sonic booms" during the landing attempt. It's the 30th successful landing of a rocket booster.

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SpaceX launched (and landed!) its Falcon 9 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, which sits just north of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti cleared up the confusion with stunning photos of the launch on Twitter.

Such sights and sounds are familiar to residents near the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida where SpaceX first landed a Falcon 9 booster in December 2015. The satellite is one of a planned six-satellite array.

The mission consisted of two identical satellites, SAOCOM 1A and 1B, each of which carries an L-Band SAR polarimetric instrument.

Saocom-1A has an L-band payload created to study soil moisture for agriculture, disaster monitoring and scientific research.

Argentina's National Commission on Space Activities, or CONAE, will operate the two SAOCOM satellites in cooperation with the Italian Space Agency's COSMO-SkyMed radar satellites. Its acronym is short for Satelite Argentino de Observacion Con Microondas.

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