Daylight Savings Bug Causes Reboot Loops On The Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 bootloops due to Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Bug Causes Reboot Loops On The Apple Watch Series 4

We had daylight saving this morning at 2am where the clock was brought forward for an hour. One of the users said on Reddit "I woke up this morning to a dead watch at 0% when it was at 70% last night before bed".

Reports about the Apple Watch Series 4 crashing and restarting due to DST are not a very big issue, and the issue should correct by itself tomorrow.

Some figured out a workaround that involved removing the Infograph Modular face using the Watch's companion app on iPhone, and noted that they could use it as normal on Monday. Each time the device boots, it tries to load the complications and while failing it repeats the same. It seems that the missing one hour is causing the watch to crash and reboot. "But a fellow Australian forum user pointed out this is due to a bug in the Infograph Activity complication".

Obviously, Apple will need to release a bug-fix software update to stop this problem from happening again.

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Even though it is not a major issue, Apple will have to fix it so users in other parts of the world do not suffer from the same issue.

With Daylight Saving Time (DST) now in effect in Australia, some users claim the watch has re-calibrated and remedied the issue.

In other words, it is not piss poor programming you have to worry about as Apple has more time to fix it before daylight saving changes happen in civilised countries.

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