Borderlands 2 VR Is Now Shooting To The PlayStation VR

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Borderlands 2 VR Is Now Shooting To The PlayStation VR

Once activated it will facilitate a more VR friendly version of combat with the added bonus of being able to dodge bullets and pull of head-shots easily. Additionally, a special mode called "BAMF Time" (or BadAss Mega Fun Time) has been added to all four character's skill trees. Something like The Matrix. If you've got a PlayStation VR headset, get ready for more shoot and loot action with Borderlands 2 VR in December. Instead, it's taken a reworking of the game's systems and controls to make possible. The game only supports single-player, so you can't explore Pandora with your buddies, and the two DLC classes - the Mechromancer and the Psycho - are also not included. There will be first-person vehicle driving.

Also, nothing is known about the upcoming Borderlands 3 as the studio is keeping it under the wrap for time being as the game was not showcased at E3 2018. Players will be able to accelerate and steer using the PS Move controller while aiming weapons independently using their headset. For instance, all vehicle sections in the game will now play out in first-person (the game previously changed to third-person when you got in a vehicle). Co-op play has always been one of the biggest tenants of what makes a Borderlands game so to see it absent here is a bit odd even though it is understandable.

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Reports earlier in the month claimed that Borderlands 3 was on its way sometime during 2019, so naturally, we assumed that any Borderlands related news would be regarding just that.

What do you think of this news? We're not sure how well that's going to work, and you may want to check that your insurance covers breakages via headbutts. This critically acclaimed and commercially successful shooter brought the world of Pandora to life for the second time back in 2012, and since then it has lived fondly in the hearts and libraries of the series' fans.

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