Rare ‘polio-like’ paralyzing illness diagnosed in 6 Minnesota children

Rare ‘polio-like’ paralyzing illness diagnosed in 6 Minnesota children

Rare ‘polio-like’ paralyzing illness diagnosed in 6 Minnesota children

The disease can develop from a viral infection and impacts the nervous system by traveling through the spinal cord, but its cause is unknown.

Since August 2014, CDC has seen an increased number of people across the United States with AFM.

The Minnesota Health Department, as well as the CDC will continue to collect information an evaluate the cases. She also requested the agency answer seven questions about its response efforts by October 16 and conduct a member-level briefing for senators seeking more information on the issue. It seems to wax and wane from one year to the next, the CDC says. "I urge the CDC to provide more information immediately about preventive measures and treatments". These cases coincided with a severe respiratory illness caused by enterovirus D68.

Acute flaccid myelitis affects the nervous system and can lead to the weakening of muscles, health official said. This disease, AFM is not exactly like polio as it has no vaccination. In 2017 the CDC recorded only 33 cases, and in 2015 it confirmed only 22 cases.

Nearly any viral infection can cause neurological symptoms, although it's extremely unusual, so the CDC says it is also important to be fully up to date on vaccinations.

So far in 2018, the CDC has confirmed 38 cases of AFM in 16 states, with six cases reported in Minnesota.

Four-year-old Orville Young is believed to be the first patient in the Minnesota cluster.

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While there are a variety of possible causes for the disease, there is no known cure.

"A lot of these people do require prolonged amounts of physical therapy to get their strength back up", says Cleveland Clinic pediatric infectious disease expert Dr.

State medical officials released a statement on the outbreak last week so that doctors can be on the lookout for more cases. Symptoms include sudden arm and leg weakness, drooping eyelids, facial weakness, difficulty moving the eyes, slurred speech and difficulty swallowing.

Quinton Hill is one of six cases of AFM in Minnesota reported since September 20.

All six were under the age of 10 and reported weakness and paralysis in the arms and legs.

Diagnosis includes a brain and spine MRI and a spinal tap to test fluid.

"It's always important to practice disease prevention steps, such as staying up-to-date on vaccines, washing your hands, and protecting yourself from mosquito bites", the CDC said on a page devoted to AFM.

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