Razer Phone 2 listing appears on Amazon ahead of launch


Razer Phone 2 listing appears on Amazon ahead of launch

The company says it has upgraded the front-facing speakers on the device to be even louder and clearer, as well as support for Dolby Atmos.

The new device looks nearly identical to the Razer Phone, save for having a slightly revamped front-facing lens and an RGB lighting system installed beneath the rear-facing Razer logo on the back that depicts a triple-headed snake.

On top of its high refresh and sampling rates, the Razer Phone 2's 2560x1440 IGZO LCD keeps the variable-refresh-rate technology that many a gamer knows and loves from desktop PCs, according to GSMArena's hands-on report.

The new phone is an updated version of the brand's flagship Razer Phone, which was launched a year ago.

Measuring at 158.5x78.99x8.5mm, the design is similar to what we saw in the first Razer Phone past year.

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How much does the Razer Phone 2 cost? Similar to what you find in other Razer products, the Razer Chroma in Razer Phone 2 allows you to customize lighting effects such as Static, Spectrum Cycling and Breathing.

Razer Phone 2 comes in two variants - 64GB storage model with a Classy Mirror Back and a 128GB storage variant with rugged Satin Finish. The Razer Raiju Mobile is a mobile gamepad with a phone mount and Bluetooth.

The rear camera array of the Razer Phone 2 now boasts two 12-MP sensors from Sony's IMX family, although the company doesn't say specifically which sensors it picked. While a firm global release date has yet to be attached to the new Android gaming handset, the Razer Phone 2 should start shipping to customers no later than early November. Out of the box, the device will be coming with Android 8.1 Operating system and might be getting further updates also.

The new phone will be made available "soon" in select Asia-Pacific markets including Singapore, Razer said. The San Francisco, California-based manufacturer hasn't outright referenced its price hike but apparently feels convinced the newer chip, RGB lights, and extra software tweaks and additions are worth the price difference. Another improvement comes in the form of the handset's body that's now IP67-certified for resistance to dust particles and water, whereas the first Razer Phone had no official IP rating. Something which was lacking on the original Razer Phone, and was perhaps one of the most requested features, should Razer launch a second device.

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