Alok Nath's behaviour an open secret in industry: Himani Shivpuri

Credits Rajshri Productions

Credits Rajshri Productions

She addressed media on Tuesday with regard to the same and claimed that Alok Nath should be scared because he can not get away from what he did to her and also to his lead actress Navneet Nishan while working on a serial, Tara. But u didn't. Why?

The allegations come at a time when several women, including journalists, have taken to social media to give detailed accounts of the sexual harassment and misconduct they faced. You acted with him in HAHK in 1994. Why???

Nath essayed the role of her on-screen father, while late Reema Lagoo played her mother in the telefilm which was being shot in Kodaikanal.

At her vociferous best, Renuka replied to each question thrown at her. To plunge into the shame and darkness we have buried, we will be able to work with strength and dignity.

In her defence, the actress also revealed that she didn't raise the issue before as this story was shared in confidence. I am so glad to have finally been heard. Whom I have always respected and loved. "These incidents happened early in my career", she said, adding she is does not want to become a "sensational piece of news". Vinta Nanda stated that she did indeed tell her everything, however Ashu Singh told her that she could hardly do anything about it.

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While talking to Republic TV, the actor's lawyer, Ashok Saraogi, who is one of the top criminal lawyers, said that Alok Nath is now in tremendous shock and doctors have advised him bed rest. Years ago on a telefilm outdoor shoot he tried to barge into my room. The #ProducersGuildOfIndia has set up a committee today, which will look into all matters concerning women and create an enabling environment for each and every person in the workforces.

"I have waited for this moment to come for 19 years", Nanda wrote in a Facebook post. What's more? Alok Nath's co-star, Navneet Nishan, from the serial Tara directed by Nanda also came forward to support the writer/director. She said that no sooner had she reached her room, Nath knocked at her door in an inebriated condition.

"Mr Alok Nath, you know this to be true". @amindeepika confessed to me as a friend much after I had finished the only 2 projects that I have worked with Alok Nath in. More power to you.

Mridul praised Tanushree Dutta for speaking up and called the movement "admirable".

Alok Nath has denied Vinta's allegations and said "In the current situation, if a women accuses a man, no one will consider to listen to a man's version so it's useless to react".

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