How to disable the Google Pixel 3 XL notch

How to disable the Google Pixel 3 XL notch

How to disable the Google Pixel 3 XL notch

After a ton of leaks and rumors surfaced about the device, Google finally unveiled the Pixel 3 XL this week. Reports starting surfacing a full month ago that Google was asking YouTubers for permission to use clips from Pixel 3 XL leak videos, so this strategy seems to have been in place for a full month.

Motion Focus is a feature baked into the new Pixel cameras, it figures out what your subject is and keeps track of it.

Like its previous models, the Pixel 3 also features a software-based eSIM and charges via a USB-C Port. At the same time as Pixel 3 launch (October 18th), we will introduce support for Android-compatible plugged-in external microphones in the default camera app for all Pixels. Instead of bucking trends, the Mountain View, California-HQed company on Tuesday announced its new Pixel phones, which are very different from Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy phones. Google has added 12.2 megapixels rear camera and 8+8 megapixels dual front camera. And in a world on the Huawei P20 Pros and LG V40s and Galaxy Note 9s and iPhone XS', this is no mean fete. However, the 3 XL's baseline model comes with 64-gigabytes of memory space, while the Note 9 comes with double the amount at 128GB.Users can pick up a variant with more memory capacity for a steeper price.

If you have a pair of Google Assistant enabled headphones, fire them up and give this a try. It can do a bit more as well and we'll talk about that in our review post for the Pixel 3 coming soon.

You can get an iPhone XS in three storage options: 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. The usual caveat here applies, however: more RAM does not necessarily equal a faster phone.

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That said, Google has one-upped Apple with its cloud storage, at least when it comes to your pictures: Google offers unlimited storage in Google Photos, while Apple makes you pay for iCloud storage if you want more than 5 GB.

"Night Sight" is an alternative to using your flash in low-light situations.

Photobooth mode will automatically take your photo if you're smiling or making a amusing face.

Two front-facing cameras are present on the pair - a standard lens is joined by a wide-angle sensor that can fit more people into selfies.

The image above also lists November 2nd as the launch date for the phone.

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