Julian Assange given feline ultimatum by Ecuador

He has been living inside Ecuador’s embassy in London for over six years

He has been living inside Ecuador’s embassy in London for over six years

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is seen on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Britain, May 19, 2017.

The Embassy of Ecuador in London demands that the founder of the portal WikiLeaks Julian Assange, who lives on their territory, kept clean, cared for my cat and did not speak on topics that could harm diplomatic interests of Ecuador.

He was also told to look after its "well-being, food and hygiene" in the set of guidelines, written in Spanish.

The nine-page memo published by Ecuadorean website Codigo Vidrio said Assange is prohibited from "interfering in the internal affairs of other states" or from activities 'that could prejudice Ecuador's good relations with other states'.

Tension has always been building between Mr Assange and his hosts, particularly after the Australian ex-hacker began cheering on Catalonian secessionists in Spain a year ago.

After putting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in solitary confinement by effectively banning his internet usage, Ecuadorian embassy has restored the controversial figure's WiFi usage, allowing him communication with the outside world.

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The move comes almost six months after the Ecuadorean government suspended Assange's communications in March, after he discussed issues on social media that could damage the country's diplomatic relations, including a diplomatic crisis between London and Moscow as well as Catalonian separatism.

The Guardian reports Assange was told he must avoid online comments about political issues. It is an Australian journalist, which was founded in 2006, the organization WikiLeaks.

This is not the first time that tensions have arisen between Assange and the Embassy.

Assange initially went into the Ecuadorian embassy in 2012 to avoid being extradited to Sweden on sex assault allegations.

Sweden dropped the case against Assange a year ago but he remains subject to arrest in the United Kingdom for jumping bail.

Moreno said his country will work for Assange's safety and the preservation of his human rights as it seeks a way for him to leave the embassy.

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