Bigg Boss 12: Romil and Deepak to manipulate Somi and Jasleen

Bigg Boss 12 New wild-card contestant to enter the house soon

Bigg Boss 12: Romil and Deepak to manipulate Somi and Jasleen

For the uninitiated, the Ghoda Gadi task has divided the contestants in two groups, one headed by Dipika and other by Deepak. The contestant who covers the maximum distance on the treadmill would then qualify for the captaincy task. On the other hand, the Ghoda Gaadi Wala's would need to convince the ghoda's to run for them. The owner with the maximum distance covered would be the victor and become one of the contenders for captaincy.

Sreesanth, the former Indian cricket team fast bowler has been embracing some weird game tactics after his re-entry to the Bigg Boss 12 house last weekend. The girls smile telling him that their competition would be reduced. Eventually, Dipika and Shivashish tried to calm him down.

Tonight is going to be an interesting episode, as the luxury task leads to a major fight between Romil, Somi, and Jasleen. Each contestant is working hard to ensure that they cover the maximum distance.

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Meanwhile, Dipika and Sreesanth's equation will continue to be the center of attention. He further spat on his name which enraged everyone in the house. But she also came out in support of Sreesanth, who has been displaying volatile behaviour in the house. They all felt that Sreesanth was playing a game. Romil and Deepak are ready to give all their carrots to Saba Khan so she could participate in the captaincy contest. Srishty asked Sreesanth to talk to Deepak and apologise, to no avai. During his stay there, he realised that Dipika Kakar betrayed him as a friend by taking his name for elimination and that she along with the recently evicted contestant, Nehha Pendse cornered Srishty Rode and made her feel lonely. Sreesanth left the task shortly and went inside the house.

Well, after Nehha's surprising eviction, a lot of her fans have started a campaign with #BringBackNehha as they want to see her back on Bigg Boss 12.

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