Cannabis becomes legal in Canada

A planter trims medicinal marijuana plants in Ontario in 2016. After months of preparation Canada legalized recreational use of the drug on Wednesday

Cannabis becomes legal in Canada

Not all of the details surrounding marijuana legalization in Canada have been sorted out yet, particularly when it comes to the country's relationship with the United States, where marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug, putting it in the same category as cocaine and heroin.

Fleur de Lune Intimate Spray is shown in this photo posted on the Ontario Cannabis Store website.

And while Canada may ultimately be a smaller marijuana market than California - the bank CIBC predicts it will become a $5 billion industry in the country by 2020 - the symbolism of being the first G7 country to legalize the plant means the whole world is watching. "We're charging $7 per gram for our most expensive strains", James said.

"I am on a cloud, so excited, I can't stop smiling. I mean, now we've heard of Canadians who, when they're crossing the border, if they get pulled aside for secondary inspection, they get follow-up questions and one of the questions can be 'Have you ever consumed pot?' And if you reply in the affirmative, even though it was maybe your college days decades ago, that could be grounds for you being prevented from crossing the border", Schmidt said.

In Cape Breton, platinum record-selling fiddler Ashley MacIsaac was among the first buyers, while in Toronto revellers attended a "Wake and Bake" party with music, a glass pipe blower and campfire treats. We're doing it because we know it's not good for our children. "We don't have to hide it anymore".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned on a promise to legalize marijuana, and his Liberal government delivered in the form of Bill C-45, otherwise known as the Cannabis Act.

In legalizing weed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made good on a campaign promise and the move is expected to result in the injection of billions of dollars into Canada's economy, including from US cannabis tourists.

The reform will be scrutinised by Canadians ahead of the next election in 2019.

"When people start to see the consequences (of legalisation) they will blame Trudeau's failures for it", opposition Tory leader Andrew Scheer commented. The patchwork approach to legalization means many cannabis businesses, which are legal in the states they operate, are denied access to the banking system, aren't able to get loans, and can't list on USA stock exchanges like the NASDAQ or NYSE.

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A day that many Canadians have long dreamt of has finally arrived, with cannabis now officially legal across the country. Around 4.9 million already smoke.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has announced the government plans to eliminate the delays for people convicted of simple pot possession.

Until retail locations are more widely available, some unlicensed cannabis retailers, which have flourished in the years since the law was first proposed, may stay open.

Sales of derivatives like edibles will be legalised next year.

Licensed producers have been ramping up cannabis production and retailers have been gearing up for months, but both say it has been a compressed timeline for such a complicated endeavour.

He warned the public not to expect the marijuana black market to disappear overnight, pointing to other jurisdictions where it has been a much more gradual process.

In the most populous provinces, a gram of pot was priced around the $7 to $13 range. "Alcohol took my grandfather and it took his youngest son, and weed has taken no one from me ever", he told ITV.

According to a recent Abacus Data poll published on Monday, 70 per cent of Canadians accept or support legalisation.

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