Kristen Bell sparks outrage online for 'Snow White' kissing consent comments

Actress Kristen Bell attends the premiere of Netflix's

Kristen Bell sparks outrage online for 'Snow White' kissing consent comments

USA actress Bell said classic film Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs - which tells the story of the eponymous princess relying on a prince to free her from a curse after eating an apple from a stranger - sent the wrong message to young girls.

"'Don't you think it's weird that the prince kisses Snow White without her permission?'" Bell said she asks her daughters. "Because you cannot kiss someone if they're sleeping!"

Keira Knightley said earlier this week on "The Ellen Show" that her 3-year-old daughter is banned from watching certain children's movies because they send the wrong message. "Or where she got that apple?"'

Kristen Bell is getting candid with her kids about Disney's princesses in the age of #metoo. Stop PCing and over thinking everything. He kissed her for love & to break a spell. "Sometimes we need to leave the insane reality of life and dream", one user wrote on Twitter. "I have to feed it every day", she explained. Did you know Pongo and Perdita had something like 100 kids on a brittle planet that can hardly sustain any of us?

"I've never rolled my eyes harder oh brother", a more blunt user noted.

While teaching children about consent is definitely a good idea, some people on Twitter thought that the Good Place star shouldn't bring the discussion into story time.

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"The story has attempted murder, witchcraft, a magic mirror, poison.but the kiss is an issue", one user suggested.

Scholars, activists and other parents have made similar arguments about the iconic "Snow White" kissing scene - saying that Disney's adaptation of the German fairy tale fosters the wrong ideas about sexual encounters and consent. That Snow White? Or the looney feminist Snow White Privilege confused about her gender, who majored in Lesbian Interpretive Dance?

Do you think some of these classic Disney films don't teach kids the best lessons?

In the interview, she revealed that every time she would end the story on Snow White, she would ask her girls questions such as: "Don't you think it's weird that Snow White didn't ask the old witch why she needed to eat the apple?"

Bell is the voice of Princess Anna in the highly popular animated film Frozen, but recently she told Parents magazine that Snow White is too trusting of strangers by taking the apple from the witch in the 1937 film.

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