Pregnant Duchess Meghan Markle Consulted Medical Professionals Over Zika Risk in Fiji

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will welcome their first baby next spring. More

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will welcome their first baby next spring. More

Harry and Meghan, who landed in Australia yesterday (Oct 15), have already received their first baby gifts since announcing their pregnancy news.

Ahead of Harry and Meghan's tour, take a look back at the more than 50 times the Royal family has been to Australia.

The Zika virus is a mosquito-borne illness which is spread via the Aedes species.

"Zika virus infections during pregnancy have been linked to miscarriage and can cause microcephaly, a potentially fatal congenital brain condition", the Mayo Clinic states on their website.

Meghan's trip overseas comes with a danger, however, as there is a possibility of exposure to the Zika virus, which has been circulating in the areas where the royal couple are touring.

The NHS also advises people to take measures for avoiding mosquito bites and to secure travel insurance. "It is important to know that there is neither a vaccine nor prophylactic medications available to prevent Zika virus infection", fertility specialist Zaher Merhi, MD, FACOG, HCLD of New Hope Fertility Center in NY tells Prevention.

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The couple arrive in Fiji next Tuesday.

"After taking counsel they decided together they were both happy to go ahead with the tour as they had originally planned".

Daily Mail royal expert Rebecca English tweeted, that "A spokesman said there is no change to their programme in Fiji and Tonga next week despite FCO advice that pregnant women should not travel to the region because of its moderate zika risk". If this Fiji and Tonga trip is still on, we'd imagine Markle did just that. Additionally, it is likely they will be using registered insect repellents, and staying and sleeping in screened-in or air-conditioned rooms.

Talk to your doctor or other health care provider before you travel.

Strictly follow steps to prevent sexual transmission during your trip. Zika can also be transmitted through sex without a condom with someone who was infected by the virus, even if that person does not show symptoms of Zika.

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