Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada

Those caught reentering states along the Canada-U.S. border where marijuana is illegal will most likely be referred to local authorities who will decide whether to prosecute, he says.

Trudeau also says he has no intention of using marijuana now that it became legal in Canada on Wednesday. "Our kids are going to inherit this system, for better or worse, and I thought it was important for them to see this sea change in Canadian society".

Although Uruguay started selling cannabis products a year ago under a 2013 law, Canada's foray is considered more significant because of its economic status and much larger population. Hundreds had formed queues around the block, and 46-year-old Ian Power was first in line at a store in the city of St. John's. A festive atmosphere broke out, with some customers lighting up on the sidewalk and motorists honking their horns in support as they drove by the crowd. "It is the end of an era, it is the end of a prohibition".

"We have talked to stores in our county...and anecdotally people have said about 20 to 30 percent of store purchases in Whatcom County are done by Canadians coming from outside". I think we expected that, some of the LPs couldn't get enough to us online.

Bruce Linton, the CEO of marijuana producer and retailer Canopy Growth, made the sale to Power.

"It was extremely emotional", he said.

Jones praised the work of the provincial government, along with city staff and council to get to this point.

"What happened at the very beginning of what they did is exactly what we're doing in Canada", he said.

"This is awesome. I've been waiting my whole life for this", Mr Clarke said.

"I am living my dream".

And with significant know-how gained since Canada's legalisation of medical marijuana in 2001, others including Aurora and Aphria are making inroads overseas as more and more foreign markets allow therapeutic cannabis use and research.

The Montreal store has a long counter with products behind it.

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Green Party leader Mike Schreiner also criticized the government for not passing its cannabis bill before legalization.

"'I don't need to be a criminal anymore, and that's a great feeling", said MacIsaac, who had been arrested for possession in 2001.

On Tuesday (October 16) at midnight, Canada became the second country after Uruguay to legalize recreational marijuana. "It's not an operational priority for us to try and catch people who have used marijuana in Canada, but it is a USA federal law, so if we see people with the possession of marijuana or are under the influence, than we are going to take action".

Alberta and Quebec have set the minimum age for purchase at 18, others at 19.

In Ontario, Canada's most populous province, residents can carry up to 30 grams of cannabis and keep up to four plants in their homes.

However, Ontarians are only now allowed to purchase weed online, after the province's Conservative government introduced legislation that would change the policies adopted by its predecessor on where weed will be sold.

Earlier on Wednesday, cannabis enthusiasm was on full display in dispensary lineups and at celebratory gatherings across Canada, while investors soured on pot stocks. And while it is a major development, it doesn't mean everything marijuana-related is now legal.

"Consequently, crossing the border or arriving at a USA port of entry in violation of this law may result in denied admission, seizure, fines, and apprehension", the CBP statement said.

Canada's legalization has left proponents in the USA calling for Congress to act. Sen.

Newfoundland and Labrador were the first to sell cannabis.

"They can't come in the store, but they can see the line, see this important moment in Canadian history", Fencott said. "By giving adults a regulated legal alternative we believe we can make our communities safer".

To order online, you'll go to the website, which is governed by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB).

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