Cardi B admits baby Kulture broke her vagina during childbirth

Cardi B reveals her vagina broke during birth of her daughter lailasnews

Cardi B admits baby Kulture broke her vagina during childbirth

Musician Cardi B doesn't want to be as open about her politics as other modern celebrities tend to be these days. "Why nobody tells you about those things?" "There are certain things that I wanna do with my daughter, like I want to go to the beach with my baby", she said.

It's even more surprising that no one gave the "I Like It" rapper a heads up considering how many people she had in the delivery room with her - she told host Kimmel that her parents, her mother-in-law, husband Offset, her sister and her publicist were all on hand to welcome Kulture to the world in July.

"He has made divisions in this country - he nearly made a insane civil war between the blacks and the whites", she said.

In addition to all that, Cardi B is not a fan of taxes. "It's the best. It's like...oh my gosh, I should've had you when I was a teenager!" "What is y'all doing?"

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When Kimmel mentioned an idea for the rapper to run for New York City mayor, she said the position is "something you have to be extremely responsible for" before responding with a potential platform. "I'm not mentally ready", she added. "Raccoons", Cardi B said. "Want to get rid of them". They're everywhere. And you know what?

Perhaps more than any other millennial star, Cardi B has built her career on her willingness to be candid about everything from the state of her teeth to her pregnancy to her expensive taste in shoes. Something about the rats, they scared of you. "They just look at you like, 'Why you in my backyard, my garbage?'"

This week, Cardi flexed a bunch of pics donning jewelry inspired by her daughter.

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