Mexico vows to meet migrant 'challenge' as caravan hits border

Honduran migrants board trucks sending them back to Honduras after they crossed the border into Guatemala illegally in their bid to reach the US

Image Migrants board trucks back to Honduras after crossing into Guatemala illegally to reach the US

Some migrants tore open a fence on the Guatemala side of the bridge and threw two young children, perhaps age 6 or 7, and their mother into the muddy waters about 40 feet below.

At the front of the caravan, one group briefly broke through the final fence before police forced them back and closed it again.

Throughout the week, federal police aircraft arrived in the city of Tapachula, near the border with Guatemala, with hundreds of federal officers equipped with antiriot gear.

After the crowd had retreated, settled down and formed into lines, the Mexican authorities began allowing people to pass through a corridor of riot police to the waiting buses.

Other migrants used rafts and rope to cross the rushing river, avoiding the bridge altogether.

Cristian, who declined to give his last name because the gangsters had threatened him, estimated that about 30 per cent of the migrants want to apply for refugee status in Mexico, while the rest want to reach the United States. But it's unclear what will happen next. Some migrants yelled "We are hungry!"

Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the US, are pushed by other migrants after storming the Guatemalan checkpoint to enter Mexico. "Meanwhile, we must accompany our fellow countrymen", he said on Friday. The U.S. president has made it clear to Mexico that he is monitoring its response.

US -bound migrant caravans have been going on for years - with traveling in numbers seen as offering protection from assaults, robberies, even shakedowns by police.

"That's evidence of what this really is", he said.

With all eyes on a caravan of Honduran migrants intent on coming to the U.S., President Trump has a message for Congress' top Dems. By comparison, a caravan in April that also attracted Trump's ire numbered about 1,000.

On Friday morning, however, Mexican officials, including the country's ambassador to Guatemala, circulated through the crowds of migrants, appealing for order and inviting them to present themselves at the border one by one, where they would be processed by migration authorities.

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Erika Guevara-Rosas of Amnesty International said in a statement: "These families deserve dignity and respect to ensure that no-one is illegally returned to situations where they could risk serious harm due to violence".

Two busloads of those police were visible on the Mexican side of the bridge from Tecun Uman Thursday. Before dawn Friday, the migrants chose to wait a few more hours for stragglers to arrive before heading to the border crossing.

"The assault on our country at our Southern Border, including the Criminal elements and DRUGS pouring in, is far more important to me, as President, than Trade or the USMCA". Celebratory airhorns blared as they headed toward Mexico's port of entry.

Leaders throughout the region have publicly urged them to turn back for days. "Do you think they're giving us their finest?"

The migrant caravan is now in Guatemala, in the border town Tecún Umán, though some in the group have already crossed into Mexico.

Anyone with a valid visa will be able to enter and move freely.

Anyone who wants to be recognized as a refugee or as a beneficiary of "complementary protection measures" must do so individually.

"Today, violent tides are trying to enter Mexico and they have hurt Mexican police". I hope they continue, but as of this moment I thank Mexico.

Migrants in a caravan travelling through Central America have broken down gates at a border crossing and are streaming toward a bridge to Mexico.

This caravan's formation comes just weeks before high-stakes midterm elections in the United States, in which many Republican candidates have been echoing the President's messaging about boosting border security and cracking down on illegal immigration.

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