NFL Reporter Gets Rocked in Head With Football on Live Broadcast

NFL Network reporter gets hit in head by football on live TV shakes it off perfectly

NFL Network reporter gets hit in head by football on live TV shakes it off perfectly

National Football League reporter Melissa Stark has been praised for maintaining her composure after getting hit in the head with a ball during a live cross.

"Nothing like live television, I'm okay!"

Demonstrating her poise and professionalism, the reporter smiled through the hit and even had time for quick joke. That first one definitely made her aware of where she was standing.

"FYI, yes this really happened London of all places (I guess wearing an English military jacket doesn't always protect you)", she wrote. I'm gonna wrap it up and send it back to you guys....

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That first one was a seed so you know it wasn't thrown by Marcus Mariota.

She added at the end: "I might be on the injury report". "I am now officially questionable".

The Los Angeles Chargers managed to improve their record to an impressive 5-2 this Sunday in London and did so without Melvin Gordon.

"Hurts more every time I watch it....literally NEVER happened in 20 years covering National Football League ..."

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