Trump's 'Space Force' to be built in stages by 2020: Mike Pence

Star Wars Feared as US plans Space Force Image courtesy Sputnik

Star Wars Feared as US plans Space Force Image courtesy Sputnik

He said that the national space Council referred the recommendations to the President.

A new budget in early 2019 will carve out funds for the USSF in the National Defense Authorization Act, said Pence. "It will be a consolidation, we believe, and from there, future Congresses and future administrations can grow and expand and nurture. the Space Force as they see fit", Mr Pence added.

"And the reality is, the more we look at our competitors in space - chiefly among them are China and Russian Federation - we see the deployment of technologies by both of those countries - anti-satellite technologies", Pence said.

An American "Space Force" proposed by President Trump will take shape within two years and bring military forces and civilian space security authorities under one roof, the White House has said.

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The head of the U.S. Air Force said last month that creating a space force would cost about $13 billion for a force of 13,000 people in the first five years. "President Trump has stated forcefully a truth that the leaders of the National Defense University have long understood: That space is a war fighting domain, just like the air, land and sea, and America will be just as dominant there as we are here on earth".

Critics, including some Democratic lawmakers, have said its creation is an unnecessary and expensive bureaucratic endeavor that would simply shift work already being done well by other services like the Air Force.

Secondly, the secretary of defense will create a new joint organisation, the Space Development Agency, that will break free from ineffective bureaucratic structures and provide the men and women of the space force, the cutting-edge warfighting capabilities that they need, faster and more effectively, he said.

U.S. President Donald Trump's planned U.S. Space Command should seek to develop ways for the country's military to operate in outer space, White House advisers recommended on Tuesday, with the government hoping to secure approval for it by 2020.

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