A flu vaccine could save your life

A flu vaccine could save your life

A flu vaccine could save your life

They can do a rapid test and swab your nasal pharynx [back of nose or throat] for antigens or do a more sophisticated test that looks for actual segments of the virus.

For viruses, Tamiflu is taken orally and Relenza is inhaled.

Can you get the flu from having a flu shot?

They've made improvements in that vaccine so it's more effective in H1N1. Relenza is approved for patients 5 years old and older, but might not be appropriate for patients with lung disease like asthma.

On the heels of the state's "worst" recorded flu season, Georgia Department of Public Health officials are emphasizing the need for the seasonal vaccination. "It is especially important to get the flu vaccine if you, someone you live with or someone you care for is at high risk of complications from flu".

"It is very serious, particularly for the most vulnerable", she said. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen will help with the muscle aches and headaches that often occur.

"People, get it while you can, because it does work", Bippus said.

Usually covered under insurance, the health department's flu shots will cost $35 for the quadrivalent flu vaccine and $55 for the high-dose version for senior adults. Yes and no. As mentioned before Tamiflu can be used in babies 2-weeks-old and older and Tylenol is safe to use in babies for fever control. "Most places are going to be primarily stocking the quadrivalent", he says.

The flu begins with common cold and a running nose. Symptoms can be vague making it hard sometimes to know the difference.

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In terms of efficacy, it varies from year to year but, more importantly, it's better than nothing.

The NHS has advised delaying your flu vaccination if you are ill with a fever, until you have fully recovered.

"Many people don't know that influenza is the number one disease preventable by a vaccine that causes deaths in Canada", said Newhouse in a phone interview.

It is that time of year again, flu season. The quadrivalent vaccine, meanwhile, protects against four strains: all of the strains in the trivalent vaccine, plus an additional B virus strain.

Foster recommended getting your vaccine right away. A full list of locations where flu vaccines are administered in this county is available online at clintonhealth.org.

In addition, your immune system may not develop strong enough antibodies to the strains of influenza in the vaccine, which could result in an increased chance that you could still get the flu. Getting the influenza vaccine saves lives.

To help get the word out, Minister Elliott encouraged colleagues, community leaders and people across the province to get their flu shot and post about it on social media using the hashtag #FightTheFlu. Tankut suggests that you wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water. "(The vaccine) reduces how severe the virus is and reduces the likelihood of passing it on". These are such simple measures they may not seem like much but they have a great effect on reducing the spread of the virus.

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