Fallout 76 Bug Deleted 50GB Game With a Button Press

Fallout 76 Bug Deleted 50GB Game With a Button Press

Fallout 76 Bug Deleted 50GB Game With a Button Press

However, ahead of the scheduled start time for the Fallout 76 beta today the Bethesda launcher and forums for Fallout 76 are now not working with an partial outage to blame for the unstable server status. The more expensive the gaming PC, the higher the FPS, which leaves players with less money in a bind. However, Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game and players with this built-in speed hack have an advantage over other players. You cannot disable it via in-game settings but you can tweak it through the game files. "That was the whole point of it, is to try to find those things and flesh them out, but at the same time also give people a chance to experience the game and see it". The earliest game in the series' timeline, Fallout 76 puts you in the shoes of a person residing in Vault 76. In a singleplayer game, sure, do what you like.

So, not the greatest start to the Fallout 76 beta, but at least Bethesda has been quick to jump on the problem and give an extension. I'll confirm during the next beta test tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure the game supports running at your display refresh rate by default (up to 144Hz), even with iPresentInterval=1.

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For players who like to play at above 60fps, this.ini tweak is necessary. That means that those with faster PCs could move around the world a lot faster than others.

In order to partake in the beta, PC gamers were required to download the game client which weighs in at a hefty 50GB. The reason behind it is simple, this a game logic or game engine bug. As we've said before, hardcoded framerate caps are a relic of a bygone era and need to go away.

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