What are the 2018 midterm elections and why do they matter?

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What are the 2018 midterm elections and why do they matter?

The Sinclair Broadcast Groups's Scott Thurman asked Trump if he had any regrets about his first two years in office. Acknowledging the stakes in the closing days of campaigning, Trump stressed to voters that everything is on the line.

"I don't care", he told reporters as he arrived in IN for a campaign rally. "You see how they've behaved. They've really become radicalised". In the most definitive statement against socialist policies, Trump's Council of Economic Advisers released a report in October that reviewed the opportunity costs of socialism.

"I would say that the vote in Texas is sort of the race that will tell us the most about what the future of American politics will look like", Hurl said.

"I feel, to a certain extent, I have no choice, but maybe I do, and maybe I could have been softer from that standpoint".

Trump's remarks came as he barnstormed the country delivering fiery speeches on behalf of Republican candidates - and more than a week after Democrats blamed his rhetoric on immigration for a mass shooting by an extremist who attacks a Pittsburgh synagogue, ostensibly because a Jewish organization was helping immigrants.

"If you do see a turn against Democrats in Midwestern states such as in and Missouri, I think it is fair to say that the Republicans who are winning in those places are probably going to be more critical of trade, whereas the Democrats in those states are going to be a more centrist wing of the Democratic party", Hurl explained.

Midterm elections take place halfway through a president's term (hence the name, midterm) and are often seen as a referendum on the current administration.

"If you want more caravans and you want more crime, vote Democrat".

Congress is made up of two chambers, the Senate and the House (the House of Representatives). Trump told the rally crowd in Macon, Georgia.

'I think we're going very well in the House.

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Data from Nate Silver's 538 on Monday gave Democrats an 87.5% chance of taking control of the House with Republicans being given a similar 83.2% chance of retaining control of the Senate. "So it should be different", Mr. Trump said Monday. This is where Trump is focusing his energies on the final stretch. Country singer Lee Greenwood performed Trump favorite "God Bless the USA" in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was expected to appear Monday with the president in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Seven points may sound like a big gap, but the poll, conducted on the first three days of November, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 points among 774 people surveyed, half by cellphone, half by landline. Fox News personality Sean Hannity and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh were also slated to be "special guests" at the final rally, according to Trump's campaign, though Hannity insisted on Twitter he would only be "covering (the) final rally for my show".

Should Democrats win control of the House, as strategists in both parties suggest is likely, they could derail Trump's legislative agenda for the next two years. Those voters have increasingly fled Trump's Republican Party, turned off by his chaotic leadership style and xenophobic rhetoric. The party is also seeking redemption in the Midwest where Trump won over white, working-class voters who had backed Democrats for years.

In the final sprint to Election Day, Trump has pushed forward with rallies amid news events that would have halted previous leaders - holding a massive event in IL the same day a gunman massacred 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

But pro-Trump Republicans are eager to defy expectations, just as the president did with his 2016 victory.

A lot would have to happen, especially in the Senate, for this to happen.

Why is this so important to Trump?

"The fiscal/monetary mix has had a big say in the dollar, and that's why mid-terms are important".

The same soundtrack - heavy on Elton John and The Rolling Stones with a little Backstreet Boys and Rihanna thrown in - plays at the same earsplitting decibels. Fierce political battles were raging in races across the nation.

After a Trump rally in September in Springfield, Missouri, pro-Trump activist Brenda Webb, 64, sat for a late dinner at a restaurant with five friends who had driven to the rally from the St. Louis suburbs.

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