SNL Cold Open Parodies Fox News Coverage of Immigrant "Caravan"

"Saturday Night Live took on Fox News and it's coverage of the migrant march

Ingraham then welcome former Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke, played by Kenan Thompson, who showed more "footage" of the caravan consisting of thousands of crabs skittering across a beach.

Baldwin may have become a figure beloved by the media in the last few years, thanks to his Donald Trump criticisms and his wacky portrayal of the man on "SNL".

Although the police have not formally identified the man who Baldwin reportedly punched, Page Six identified him on Saturday as Wojciech Cieszkowski. However, the assertion that I punched anyone over a parking spot is false. Talk about the Kardashians being petty huh?

SNL headed into FOX News territory for its cold open.

Starting a new segment for tips on voting, McKinnon as Ingraham claimed she was going to counteract voter suppression but offered minority populations advice that included "Never vote on Tuesdays" and "If you see "R" next to a name, that means 'really a democrat'".

Ingraham went through the current US news, focusing mostly on the migrant caravan headed through Mexico now and to the U.S.

This week's Saturday Night Live was the rare episode that didn't feature Alec Baldwin as President Trump in its cold open - perhaps because the actor was arrested Friday after he allegedly punched a man on the streets of NY in a dispute over a parking spot.

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Palmeri alleged that Baldwin also grabbed her arm, according to the paper.

Baldwin, who was charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment, is due to appear in court on November 26.

"Alec Baldwin also told me, "I hope you choke to death" when I was on assignment, staking out his house", Palmeri said.

"I wanted to go on the record stating as much", he wrote, saying the "negative charges" were "clickbait entertainment".

Let's wait and see if Alec Baldwin reacts on the SNL jokes about his arrest!

"Fortunately, no matter how reverberating the echos, it doesn't make the statements true", Baldwin added.

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