Tesla Could Be In India By 2020

An illustration of SpaceX's Big Falcon Rocket or BFR launching through Earth's clouds and toward space.       SpaceX

An illustration of SpaceX's Big Falcon Rocket or BFR launching through Earth's clouds and toward space. SpaceX

" Musk says in the tweet".

After initially claiming that Tesla will come to India this summer, in February 2017, not much has developed in this regard since then.

The founder of companies SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk announced that overcame sverhskorostey underground tunnel near Los Angeles.

This clearly indicated Tesla's plan to enter the Indian market. It's also key to the company's cash flow and pledge to make quarterly net profits into the future.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation, which first came to light in August, is one of three that are now open against the company, the others being spearheaded by the FBI and the Department of Justice. The year before, in another tweet, Musk had said he was keen to build an India-wide network of superchargers, which are fast-charging stations for electric auto vehicles.

The Boring Co.'s underground tunnel is anything but, according to CEO Elon Musk, who says it's "disturbingly long". The company has already expanded to North America and also plans to extend their business to Europe, China, and Japan by the end of next year.

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India might see partial presence of Tesla by 2020.

The US Justice Department (FBI) has also requested documents as part of a similar investigation, but those investigators have not issued subpoenas or made other formal requests, Tesla said in a statement Friday.

In June 2017, Musk had confirmed on Twitter that Tesla was "in discussions with the government of India". As a auto company, if it was to import and sell its cars here, it would have to charge very high prices - a Model S would cost upwards of Rs 1 crore in India.

In 2015, Musk hosted Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the Tesla factory in Fremont, California.

The Model 3 is a central part of Tesla's plan to expand from a niche player in the luxury segment to a vehicle maker with broader appeal. The company could manufacture it limited quantities.

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