Elon Musk Impostors Score $176K (And Counting) in New Twitter Scams

Elon Musk Twitter

Elon Musk Impostors Score $176K (And Counting) in New Twitter Scams

The trend was the same: for the first 45 minutes or so, the hacked account bore Elon Musk's name, before being replaced by an ellipsis.

British fashion retailer Matalan, film distributor Pathe and United Kingdom and USA publisher Pantheon Books were also among those whose accounts were taken over.

However, what makes the spectacle truly hilarious is that the scammer is using pictures and resemblance of Tesla's CEO Elon Musk to sell the schemes.

Adding further layers to the scam, a number of other hacked verified accounts falsely backed up the claim that they had received bitcoin from Musk.

Regardless of the specifics of this scam, this odd occurrence highlights the reoccurring theme and relationship between Elon Musk, arguably the world's most well-known CEO, and Bitcoin and the nascent crypto industry, which he has seemingly lightly dabbled in.

A Twitter spokesperson told the BBC it "doesn't comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons".

In addition to this, another tweet was posted which stated that Elon Musk is no more associated with the company and to mark the occasion he has planned a cryptocurrency giveaway, which of course is fake.

Recently, however, these scams have ventured outside of Musk's mentions and into timelines.

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In October, Musk caused a stir in the cryptoverse upon tweeting out "Wanna buy some Bitcoin?" in a longer, meme-filled Twitter thread. If we take just the last few months as an example, his (now infamous) remarks about taking Twitter private have landed him in a lot of hot water.

Twitter actually locked Musk's account for some time, believing it had actually been compromised. The scam was very alike the other ones.

This account isn't even the only one that fell victim to hackers.

It is, however, something rather amusing in the fact that they did decide to use Elon Musk for this. They are all verified, where a small blue tick next to their name means they are an official page. In recent weeks, user impressions have fallen by a multiple of 10 in recent weeks as we continue to invest in more proactive tools to detect spammy and malicious activity.

Celebrities who have had their names used in these scams have complained about it, urging Twitter to take more serious steps to tackle the problem.

It seems, however, that "Elon Musk" is playing some tricks on Twitter again.

At the beginning of the year, the social media app, Twitter saw an influx of Charlie Lee impersonators.

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