Google Chrome 71 To Ad-Block Websites With Abusive Ads

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Google Chrome 71 To Ad-Block Websites With Abusive Ads

Google is banishing every ad considering the nature of a given site, but not just the single offending ads.

This isn't the first step by Google to make the user experience of web browsing safer with Chrome. In a legitimate ad, clicking such a button would close the ad.

In response, Chrome 68 in January 2018 altered the behavior of redirects so they show up in the browser's info bar rather than sending the users to a specific website. These types of abusive experiences typically lead to mistaken clicks as users may click on an area by accident not realizing it would generate a behavior.

The Chrome 71 browser will look to take on malicious items like fake system dialog boxes, click-capture overlays and undesirable redirect pop-ups in an effort to improve the experience of those browsing the web, with the revenue hit created to pressure web masters into tidying up their acts. This abusive site filtering feature will be enabled by default with Chrome 71, but users can disable it by going to their Chrome Settings. "Some of these abusive ad experiences are used by scammers and phishing schemes to steal personal information", he said.

Google's announcement said nothing about rankings.

He cites two common examples of misleading, abusive ads in his post.

It's possible there could be algorithmic penalties applied after December. One can only hope Google doesn't get any further ideas about controlling the internet or perhaps even censoring what people see, which already occurs in some countries.

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The renewed policy on stopping the culture of abusive ads in its tracks is very clear.

How Many Sites are Affected?

As of December, the version will blacklist the "small number" of sites and also discontinue all ads on those sites.

Google explained: "Last year, after hearing from Chrome users, we launched a set of user protections against "abusive experiences" - experiences created to intentionally mislead and trick users into taking action on the web".

In order to protect yourself, you don't actually have to do much.

This update coming to Chrome 71 may not affect your site.

Now You: Have you experienced abusive advertisement or other content in the past?

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