Learn how to play Ingress Prime with these fun tutorials

Learn how to play Ingress Prime with these fun tutorials

Learn how to play Ingress Prime with these fun tutorials

Niantic Labs are best known for creating the incredibly popular augmented reality (AR) title Pokemon Go, but before that, Niantic Labs worked on another mobile title called Ingress, which attracted a global audience.

Revamped re-release Ingress Prime launched last night for iPhone and Android devices. Right now, you can get an Ingress Prime shirt for your avatar, as well as tops featuring the logos of The Enlightened and The Resistance-the two teams vying for supremacy in Niantic's new game. With GO now almost two-and-a-half years into its lifespan, Niantic has been able to return some of its focus to its own IP. Save for some small quality-of-life improvements at least, such as quick-swipe menus, inventory management and Facebook linking. The biggest difference is that Ingress Prime will be driven by an ongoing, evolving narrative that will be influenced by real-world events.

If you're ready to jump back into the world of Ingress - that is, the real world - you can now get the game for free on Android and iOS. It certainly feels like this could be added to Pokmon Go properly in the near future. Just like the Gyms players can do in Pokémon Go, the more portals your side captures, the better.

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What has improved, Niantic says, is the interface and onboarding of new players. In other words, Prime pushes the reset button on the game's story and gives players a clean slate. But that's not all: to complement the launch of Ingres Prime, Niantic will also launch a webseries about the game's lore later this year, followed by the premiere of a new anime on Netflix in 2019. Ingress Prime's HUD and overworld have been retooled in 3D, in a design which looks very similar to that of Pokmon Go's map layout.

You can grab a copy of Ingress Prime on Google Play or the App Store.

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