Volkswagen Tarok Concept makes debut in São Paulo

The Volkswagen Tarok pickup truck					Handout Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Tarok pickup truck Handout Volkswagen

The venue for the unveiling was São Paulo International Motor Show in Brazil.

The production-spec Tarok will come with a 1.4-litre TSI petrol motor and Volkswagen says the concept is actually a thinly veiled version of former, which will hit the local markets soon.

Volkswagen has yet to announce if the Tarok will arrive in European markets.

Global markets that could well include New Zealand as, while Volkswagen has released no further details other than mentioning its global potential, Volkswagen New Zealand told Stuff that a RHD Tarok is something they would be very interested in indeed.

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However, Australia will most likely miss out on the ute with a spokesperson from Volkswagen Australia saying the Tarok isn't suitable for Aussie customers. Working with Ford would reduce development costs for the Tarok, which at 16.4-feet long would be slightly shorter than the Ranger. Even though it can play the role of work horse but is equally suitable for lifestyle unlike its bigger sibling. The design suggests that, with the bed and the bodywork forming one whole piece.

For the rest, the interior gets a streamlined design, though it does feature a large display screen in lieu of the more traditional central console commands.

The double-cab of the Tarok is suitably modern VW vehicle, with digital screens and car-like spec, the back seats can be folded down to extend the pick-up's flat bed lugging capacity, the front end is funky, there's a Targa-like roof bar and LED strip across the rear. Volkswagen claims that the Tarok can carry a maximum load of a tonne. A six-speed automatic transmission and 4MOTION all-wheel drive system will take control of the power. It means that the floor space can be extended by opening the tailgate or by using a new mechanism which allows the bottom of the passenger cab rear panel to be folded down. The engine can run on Brazil's TotalFlex fuel unit with pure ethanol as well as a gasoline-ethanol blend.

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