Official Hitman 2 Launch Trailer Released Plus Screenshots

Official Hitman 2 Launch Trailer Released Plus Screenshots

Official Hitman 2 Launch Trailer Released Plus Screenshots

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For the Hitman 2 Gold Edition, players will receive the expansion 2 along with the missions, sniper map, outfits, and weapons.

The former includes six new, meticulously designed locations; a variety of supplementary game modes; a panoply of weapons and disguises; and, for those who now own a copy of Season 1, the Hitman Legacy Pack. Featuring entirely new hyper-detailed sandbox locations full of living, breathing environments to explore, HITMAN 2 offers players the freedom to plan the ultimate assassination utilizing an assortment of tools, weapons, disguises and a variety of stealth techniques to creatively trigger their own unique chain of events.

But the changes are substantial enough to make Hitman 2 feel like more than just a level pack or expansion for the first game.

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Whether you're carefully slinking your way through the bustling streets of Mumbai, serving up french fries at a family barbecue in Whittleton Creek, or causing havoc in the garage in the middle of a Formula One-style race in Miami, you will constantly be surprised and delighted by the contained worlds that Hitman 2 has to offer.

In a recent trailer, IO Interactive teamed up with Hollywood star Sean Bean to create an amusing live-action trailer for Hitman 2 and of course, seeing what Sean does best, and that's dying. Sniper Assassin can also be enjoyed in a single player mode for those who want to play as Agent 47.

Ghost Mode, meanwhile is, according to Warner Bros, "A unique and brand-new take on 1-versus-1 multiplayer competition". From sun-drenched streets to dark and risky rainforests, each intricate location provides multiple paths to discover and unparalleled game depth. However, if you happen to pre-order the Gold Edition or Collector's Edition, the release date is moved forward to November 9. Still, most of the focus remains on Hitman 2's standard missions.

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