Fallout 76 has a massive day one patch

Get This Free Fallout 76 PS4 Theme and Avatars Set Right Now

Get This Free Fallout 76 PS4 Theme and Avatars Set Right Now

Fallout 76 appears to have gone live for some players ahead of its intended release date.

Anybody with the game on disc or downloaded can jump into the action as of right now. There are no reports for the Xbox One version of the game, so we don't know if servers are up for this version of the game as well.

Fallout 76's launch time is one minute past midnight on November 14 in your timezone, unless you live on the West Coast of the United States, where it'll launch on November 13 at the same time as the East Coast.

Fallout 76 is also now available to pre-load on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Fallout 76 pre-order customers are counting down to the release of Bethesda's next major release.

Preloading for Fallout 76 has begun as of today, for people who have preordered the game, which Bethesda announced on Twitter earlier.

First, the game's beta started deleting itself - that's pretty bad, then PC players discovered the game's physics were tied to its frame rate.

If you're desperate to preload Fallout 76, you can preorder here on Bethesda.net, as well as on other retailers like Amazon and Green Man Gaming. "Its ambition and scope is admirable, but we'll have to wait and see if Bethesda fleshes out the many elements all politely making room for one another as we move into higher levels and the endgame". However, selecting the game and waiting for a few seconds allows users to select the "Play" option despite the information saying the game doesn't fully release until November 14th.

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