House Democrats prepare to unload flurry of Trump investigations

Following the midterm election trade policy continuity in Asia with the grudging support of House Democrats is likely writes Feingold

Following the midterm election trade policy continuity in Asia with the grudging support of House Democrats is likely writes Feingold

Rep. Adam Schiff, who's poised to be the next chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says the Democrats plan to investigate whether the president used his powers to punish the press. They thanked Ocasio-Cortez for her participation.

At 29, Ocasio-Cortez will be the youngest woman to assume office as a member of the United States House of Representatives in January.

Ocasio-Cortez explained in a tweet that the protesters had invited her to join them, and said she had spoken with Pelosi "about how our commitments to climate change should take shape in the 116th Congress". "This is to show that we are here to back up bold action and that, you know she will be supported in that". We have to 100 percent renewable energy in these next couple of years, there is no other option.

Schiff also said "we don't know, for example, whether the effort to hold up the merger of the parent of CNN was a concern over antitrust, or whether this was an effort merely to punish CNN".

Smiles all around in new royal family portrait
In the photos, Prince George sits on Prince Charles' lap, while Princess Charlotte is seated next to the Duchess of Cornwall. Prince Charles is marking a milestone birthday on Wednesday as the Prince of Wales turns 70 years old.

Oil production cuts under consideration
Iraq has successfully boosted production to a record, and its more fragile economy may make it loathe to reverse course. OPEC's crude production rose by 127,000 barrels a day in October, according to outside estimates compiled by the group.

Associate of close Trump adviser expects to be indicted by Mueller
Trump has denied the allegation and maintained that he did not know about the settlement agreement until after it was signed. Wine-Banks explained how Corsi limited his legal defense options by going on YouTube to say he thought he would be arrested.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, likely to become the next speaker, told "Face the Nation" Democrats will be "strategic".

It wasn't to speak with Pelosi about her run for House speakership.

Pelosi embraced the protesters and said she planned on launching a special committee to focus on the climate crisis. "Her office has responded quickly, and she has recommended the reinstatement of the Select Committee on Climate Change". Have a mandate to draft a Green New Deal plan by 2020; 2.

Pelosi, who was in NY on Tuesday, has been a major advocate for the battle against climate change and the protestors were hoping to pressure the presumptive next House speaker to push to put climate change on the agenda when the new Congress starts session in January.

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