Netflix tests RM17 mobile-only plan in Malaysia

Netflix tests RM17 mobile-only plan in Malaysia

Netflix tests RM17 mobile-only plan in Malaysia

According to a Reuters report, Netflix's mobile plan is priced at MYR 17 (€3.59) per month, compared to MYR 33 for its basic plan in the country.

Right now, the cheapest Netflix subscription available in the United Kingdom is the £5.99 a month Basic package, which only allows you to watch content in Standard definition (no HD or UHD) and only on one screen at a time, which could be a computer, TV, tablet or phone. Netflix confirmed in a statement to TechCrunch that the company is running similar trials in other places, though it refused to name any countries except for Malaysia. Global subscribers now make up 42 percent of total Netflix subscribers. The entry-level plan affords unlimited access to movies and TV shows for one device but is limited to standard definition quality. This is followed by recent Netflix's CEO Reed Hasting's announcement, where he stated the company planning to expand its reach in Asia and to attract more consumers to use their streaming service. It's also clearly an attempt to better compete with alternative services that cost far less than Netflix's typical $8-$10 subscription plans.

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Netflix is adding a new mobile-only subscription option in an effort to grow internationally. Netflix currently has three tiers and now plan to test the fourth, mobile-only tier. For weeks, the content streaming giant has touted plans to create more content specifically for India and other Asian countries, and it is now testing out a low-cost version of its service that is available only for smartphones and tablets. Considering the fact that the base price of the Netflix subscription in India starts at Rs 500, and the company might soon include a new subscription pack in India for just Rs 250. Netflix says it is also working on almost 100 film and TV projects across Asia, including in Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan, laying the groundwork for these films through their new offices in Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, and Mumbai. The plan also only offers Standard Definition viewing.

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