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Pokemon Let's Go

Smash Bros. Ultimate/Pokemon: Let's Go to bump Switch sales

Consequently, the game follows a story line closer to that of the Pokemon anime.

Connecting your mainline Pokemon GO game to Let's GO is easy.

One of the big surprises for Pokemon Let's Go was the reveal that you cannot only deck out your Partner Pokemon - Eevee or Pikachu - with adorable outfits, complete with glasses, hats and other accessories, but also give them hairstyles.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon you could simply head to a hair salon to change your hairstyle, or change your Pokemon's look (or more specifically, your Furfrou's look), the ability to change your Pokemon Let's Go hairstyles is nearly an Easter egg in itself. This is an interesting introduction, but as you move forward, you will eventually ask where to find the three starters - Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

What is the Go Park Complex?

For more Pokemon Let's Go news, follow our Pokemon Twitter page. Just remember, with the exception of Meltan, the new mythical Pokemon, this is a one-way process - Pokemon can travel from Go to Let's Go, but not the other way around. Ultimate. According to Fils-Aime, "the pre-sale trends for both of these titles are tracking to the best we've ever seen on Nintendo Switch".

At the start of the year Nintendo expected to sell 20 million Switch units over the course of 2018 and into the first quarter of 2019, ending on March 31st.

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In Pokemon Let's Go, head to the Go Park.

Products used in this guideWhere is the Go Park Complex?

Enter the Go Park and walk towards the large portal at the end of the room.

In order to do this all, you have to reach Fuchsia City in Pokemon: Let's Go.

Speak to the receptionist and select Bring Pokemon, and select where to send it to. At that point switch to your phone - and because the machines are synced up there'll be a clear icon of a Switch on the Pokemon menu screen.

Once you have confirmed you are sure, you will get a message to confirm the transfer.

Remember, once Pokemon leave Pokemon Go they can not be retrieved back to that game.

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