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Stan Lee Fans: Here’s His Last Message – Try Not To Cry!

Stan Lee, The Marvel Comics Legend, Had A Message For His Fans. Watch

In a recently surfaced video, Stan Lee expressed just how much his fans meant to him.

Stan started Marvel with his partner Jack Kirby in 1961 when hitting the big time with The Fantastic Four. And I realize it's so lucky to have fans, fans who really care about you.

The video was shared by the comic book legend's official Twitter account.

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Lee talks about the jobs he had before working in comics, including the revelation that he used to write obituaries for famous people before they had died. Sometimes at night, I am sitting here thinking, what's it all about? Other ads that did the same include Marvel, Fox, Sony, Disney and DC. And that's the reason I care so much about the fans because they just make me feel so great. Lee had suffered several illnesses over the past year or so, he had a bout of pneumonia and vision issues, and he recently stopped appearing as a cherished cameo in the Marvel movies.

Each of the original six Avengers actors have already made their own personal tributes to Lee on social media since he passed away, but they have now come together to honor him with a full-page ad in a magazine. But they care and you have something in common.

Jordan's sentiments regarding Lee will surely be reflected in the hearts and minds of fans around the world as they continue to think back on the joy they received from his work.

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