Five years on, PS4 has sold 86 million consoles, 778 million games

Five years on, PS4 has sold 86 million consoles, 778 million games

Five years on, PS4 has sold 86 million consoles, 778 million games

Other good deals include the PlayStation VR Bundle with Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot VR, and of course, DualShock 4 on sale for $39 at either Walmart or GameStop (we're seeing about seven colors available currently).

Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of the PlayStation 4 release and Sony celebrated it with a blog post detailing some key figures, as usual through an infographics image. It has also released 11 major updates since launch. Predictable! They've been given in alphabetical order though, but the best-selling games are Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Call of Duty: WWII, FIFA 17, FIFA 18 and GTA V. The most popular games are the same, just switching out WWII for Fortnite.

No expiration date exists on this deal as of writing, but given the PSN Black Friday sale is running through November 27, we'd suspect you'd get at least a week worth of discount till supply ends. This deal is for a digital code which will be made available to your Amazon account immediately after purchase, so you can start playing instantly.

The definition of a kilogram is officially going to change
In 2013, scientists discovered that the kilogram Prototype had gained tens of micrograms of mass from surface contamination. In a similar way, the SI unit for the ampere will now be based on the constant for the charge of the electron.

Argentina finds lost sub in deep Atlantic, one year after it disappeared
One day after the first anniversary of its disappearance on November 15, 2017, the missing ARA San Juan submarine has been found. The disappearance gripped the nation's attention as the government struggled to provide information about the tragedy.

Last of Khmer Rouge leaders get 2nd life sentences for genocide
Two Khmer Rouge leaders have been found guilty of genocide for their part in the regime's 1975-1979 reign of terror in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge came to power in the instability that swept through Southeast Asia in the wake of the Vietnam War.

What are the best PS4 bundles this Black Friday 2018?

Although many of these prices may still be a few dollars more expensive than some physical copies being sold on Black Friday, the extra $2 people would spend on God of War or Detroit: Become Human digitally may be worth not having to deal with the stresses of lining up. Not to mention, PS4 players can look forward to unlocking content in advance of anyone else.

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