Pres. Trump heading to California as wildfire death tolls climbs to 74

Incoming rain brings hope — and fears — for California fire victims

Pres. Trump heading to California as wildfire death tolls climbs to 74

"As far as the lives are concerned, nobody knows quite yet", Trump said.

US President Donald Trump talks with Gov. -elect Gavin Newsom, left, and as California Gov.

The president pledged the full support of the federal government. The town was nearly completely burnt to ashes and more than 6,000 homes were completely destroyed.

The disaster already ranks among the deadliest USA wildfires since the turn of the last century.

"Now is a time to pull together for the people of California", he tweeted.

On Saturday morning, before flying out to California, Trump faulted the state yet again, saying: "We will be talking about forest management".

"What can you say other than it's so sad to see".

But Stacy Lazzarino, who voted for Trump, said it would be good for the president to see the devastation up close: "I think by maybe seeing it he's going to be like 'Oh, my goodness, ' and it might start opening people's eyes".

A canyon home was left untouched amid the surrounding charred and blackened hillsides from the Woolsey Fire along Lobo Canyon Road in California.

Asked after a briefing on the fire from federal and state officials if the state should have done a better job, Trump simply replied: "A lot of things have been learned". Greer's family still lives in the area and lost everything in the fire.

He also visited the local region of Southern California, where firefighters were making progress on a wildfire that tore through communities west of Los Angeles from Thousand Oaks to Malibu, killing three people.

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Rescuers with sniffer dogs have been conducting house-to-house searches.

San Francisco: The death toll from the devastating wildfires in California has increased to 78 with 1,276 people still unaccounted for, authorities said.

All the less so after he outraged many here by initially responding to the state's deadliest-ever wild fires with a political attack on forestry management policies, rather than offering help - or even sympathy.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea pleaded with fire evacuees to check the list of people reported as unreachable by family and friends and to call in if they are safe.

Honea bristled when asked whether many of those listed at this point, more than a week after the disaster, were expected to end up either deceased or declared missing and presumed dead.

"I want to be with the firefighters and the Fema first responders", Trump said.

"When we arrived at the hospital there were already flames, and all of a sudden the urgency just skyrocketed", he said. Rain was forecast for midweek, which could help firefighters but also complicate the search for remains.

With more than 12,000 buildings destroyed in the Camp Fire and evacuation orders still in place across swathes of California, thousands of residents are now spread out in temporary accommodation or shelters. According to fire officials, by late Sunday the Camp Fire was around 25 percent contained, while only 15 percent of the Woolsey Fire was under control.

While the cause of the Camp Fire remains under investigation, a lawsuit has been filed against the local power company, PG&E, by fire victims claiming negligence.

Brown suggested that there were other factors that are causing the massive wildfires that have struck California in recent years besides forest management, including the drought. He did, however, say that Finland does not have the same problem because "they spend a lot of time on raking" leaves in their forests.

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