Climate change linked to natural disasters

President Trump visits wildfire damage

Federal climate report warns of more weather 'weirding'

President Trump has read "some" of the Fourth National Climate Assessment - a comprehensive report released by his own administration that looks at the effects of climate change on the USA - and he says he doesn't "believe it". "As a climate scientist it is nearly surreal".

The climate assessment warned of longer and more powerful disasters resulting, at least in part, from rising temperatures. Extreme heat will cause more deaths. But if we're clean, but every other place on Earth is dirty, that's not so good, so I want clean air, I want clean water, very important, ' he said. Instead, the Trump administration dropped the report on the afternoon of Black Friday, a period when politicians infamously dump news that they don't want to garner attention. "If you look around the globe over the past week, it's still relatively warm, so we have to be careful not to be so USA -centric or even northeast USA -centric in describing what's happening globally".

If President Trump believed some of his other rhetoric, then he might see that making America great requires protecting the regions now facing imminent and catastrophic climate change.

Trump and several members of his cabinet have also repeatedly cast doubt on the science of climate change, arguing the causes and impacts are not yet settled.

Democratic leaders agree. "Of course, combating climate change is about more than dollars and cents".

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"The area burned by wildfire from 1984 to 2015 was twice what would have burned had climate change not occurred", the authors state.

The White House has allegedly dismissed the report as a partisan hit job by Obama loyalists who relied on "extreme models" to draw conclusions.

"What the US needs to do is participate in a long-term conversation about how you get to innovation, and it's going to need to be a conversation again that doesn't start with alarmism", Sasse said. "Rural communities, where economies are more tightly interconnected with agriculture than with other sectors, are particularly vulnerable to the agricultural volatility related to climate". I think if we're going to move away from fossil fuels, it's got to be done through innovation. "That being said, all hope is not lost, but we must act now".

U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions have decreased a bit lately. "It doesn't put it far off in the distance, it doesn't talk about polar bears, and that's what we need more of with these types of reports - not just all the graphs and jargon".

"With continued growth in emissions at historic rates, annual losses in some economic sectors are projected to reach hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century - more than the current gross domestic product (GDP) of many USA states", the report says. Check it out: You tell me I have to go into work the Monday after Thanksgiving?

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