Landing on Mars camera InSight gave the first the

NASA engineers celebrated InSight landing with NFL handshake

NASA Engineers Recreate Marquise Goodwin’s TD Celebration After Mars Landing

These initial images are grainy because the dust shields haven't been removed from the camera lenses yet. The photo was captured after solar panels fruitfully convoluted from its sides so that its batteries can be charged and was transmitted through the Mars Odyssey orbiter that hovers around the planet and transmits the messages back to the Earth.

On clear days, the panels will provide InSight with between 600 and 700 watts, which is roughly enough to power a standard kitchen blender.

A pair of cameras will help Earth-based scientists see the deployment of the instruments.

The spacecraft has been created to dig deep into the rocky surface of the Red Planet to reveal its secrets.

Another instrument will burrow almost 16 feet into the soil to measure the heat coming from the interior of the planet, which, like Earth, is still cooling from its fiery creation 4.5 billion years ago. And it's capable of hammering a probe into the surface.

But as expected, the dust kicked up during the landing obscured the first picture InSight sent back, which was heavily flecked. The arm deploys the heat flow probe - a mole that burrows 16 feet (five meters) into the ground.

Like every mission to Mars, InSight would not have been possible without a high level of meticulously planned worldwide coordination involving hundreds of researchers and engineers.

The principal investigator on the French seismometer, Philippe Lognonne, said he was relieved and very happy at the outcome.

Though it will be weeks before InSight returns its first measurements of the Martian depths, Monday's landing marks a scientific transformation, observes Marina Koren in The Atlantic: "Geology-the most earthly of all sciences-is about to become interplanetary".

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InSight arrived at the Elysium Planitia, a low-lying and massive expanse of ancient Martian lava near the planet's equator.

"With all this Ferndale material on Mars, I believe we may need to annex part of the red planet", said Mayor Jon Mutchler.

Recall, the automatically controlled unmanned InSight was launched on may 5, and November 26, made a successful landing on Mars.

Research InSight Rover has a set of special tools for the implementation of the drilling and heating of rocks that should make the process of its production is potentially faster and more hassle-free. And their mission is over.

"(Goodwin) did it better than we did it", Bonfiglio said. "They are a demonstration of potential future capability".

The cube satellites bid farewell to InSight after it landed. This image was taken at about 12:10 p.m. PST (3:10 p.m. EST) while MarCO-B was flying away from the planet after InSight landed.

There are no science instruments on MarCO. They heard when the craft entered the Martian atmosphere. That atmosphere causes interference to change the signal when it's received on Earth, a way for scientists to detect how much atmosphere is present and even its composition.

"We are announcing new Moon partnerships with American companies".

For some involved in the project, the fun is just beginning.

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