Nvidia's Titan RTX doubles down on extreme pricing

Nvidia's Titan RTX doubles down on extreme pricing

Nvidia's Titan RTX doubles down on extreme pricing

Nvidia has revealed its flagship Titan RTX desktop GPU for artificial intelligence researchers, data scientists and content creators, but the beast of a graphics card will come at a high price: US$2499.

NVIDIA says the Titan RTX will be available later this month in the U.S. and Europe for $2,499.

Just as we predicted, NVIDIA has officially announced the NVIDIA Titan RTX graphics card. Nvidia has you covered with the new TITAN RTX.

After launching the gaming-oriented RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti earlier this year, NVIDIA is now turning its attention to the AI and machine learning market with the Titan RTX.

We don't have a hard release date on the Titan RTX as yet, but its live on NVIDIA'a Australian website (where you can also be notified about it) and it has been pegged for release in the USA and Europe by the end of the year. The Turing powered TITAN Delivers 130 Teraflops of deep-learning horsepower along with 11 GigaRays of Ray-Tracing Performance to users with the most intensive workloads...and a lot of spare cash. The card features almost the same raytracing performance as the Ti, but increased deep-learning muscle with 576 multi-precision Tensor Cores resulting in a hefty 130 TFLOPS of deep learning performance.

Nvidia's Titan RTX doubles down on extreme pricing

In terms of performance, based on raw specs, the Titan RTX has 6 percent more CUDA cores, RT cores, and Tensor cores than the RTX 2080 Ti.

The TITAN RTX also integrates with Nvidia's RAPIDS open-source libraries to speed up machine learning workflows.

Incredible performance and memory bandwidth for real-time 8K video editing.

It was rumored the Titan RTX might "only" ship with 12GB of GDDR6 memory, but is instead outfitted with twice that amount-T-Rex wields 24GB of GDDR6 memory underneath the hood, pushing 672GB/s of memory bandwidth.

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