Microsoft may reboot its Windows web browser again

Microsoft Edge on Android

Report: Windows Lite is Microsoft’s long-awaited answer to Chrome OS

Not only has this contributed to the gap between Chromium browsers and Edge, but it also serves as a good reason for Microsoft to base its new browser on Chromium.

If that's legit, it'll see Microsoft swap out the EdgeHTML engine it built from scratch for the one that's part of the open source Chromium base, and powers Google Chrome, Opera, and courageous.

The Redmond Zune-flinger says that the 1809 build of Windows 10 will not be able to install on machines that run Cisco AMP for Endpoints.

However, if even a company like Microsoft is no longer willing to develop a new rendering engine or a fork of an existing open source rendering engine, then it may no longer be practical enough to fork such large projects.

Initially, Edge represented Microsoft's attempt to regain its position atop the browser market, as with the early days of Internet Explorer. When Microsoft's Sean Lyndersay, the Principal Program Mananger Lead for Edge, announced the Android and iOS browsers a year ago, he said the company is committed to EdgeHTML, despite its replacing it with Blink and WebKit on Android and iOS.

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In 2015, Microsoft debuted its premium web browser, Edge.

Edge is not the most popular browser, but its possibly the best platform for playing streaming video on Windows 10, offering 4K Netflix for example while Chrome does not, while also using less power.

According to an anonymous source, Microsoft is working on a new browser to replace Microsoft Edge. According to Petri it is a version of Windows that is focused on Chromebooks, laptops running on Chrome OS. Being a part of the Fast ring means that you get updates approximately every two weeks, which can be extremely buggy. Edge never managed to get traction with users; it now has 4.34% market share according to NetMarketShare, compared to Chrome's 63.6%.

Compare that to Google's 61 percent share and you can see why Microsoft may be more than a little concerned. As to whether the interface will be radically changed or not, we do not know, but we can expect some change on that front as well.

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