Red Dead Online Economy Update Added To Patch Schedule

Red Dead Online Economy Update Added To Patch Schedule

Red Dead Online Economy Update Added To Patch Schedule

We are now still working on game stability and economy balancing for an update that we hope to release later this week.

Rockstar Games took to the official "Red Dead Redemption 2" website to offer a status update on the "Red Dead Online" beta on Monday, promising it would fix the game's out of balance in-game economy.

You can send feedback about Red Dead Online directly to Rockstar here. Aside from the world feeling somewhat barren, the multiplayer mode suffers from a weird in-game economy where gold watches are worth less than a can of baked beans.

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Outside of the in-game economy, Rockstar is also planning to address some of the "persistent bugs" related to players getting kicked out of sessions. Mauser pistols are priced at $1000 - an exorbitant amount made even more dear in light of how much time it would take to earn that much cash. You'll need multiple gold bars for something as simple as Horse Insurance. In turn, this can make saving your money for the stuff that you really want to buy seem like a grind, and, of course, a stingy economy helps push microtransactions.

While no specific date was given for the update, Rockstar said that it could come as early as "the end of this week", while confirming that more updates are on the way next week.

Given the fact that Red Dead Online hasn't been available to all players for a full week and an update is already on the way, Rockstar looks to be ready to support the game for the foreseeable future. Red Dead Online was met with a lot of enthusiasm, and players are still exploring everything it has to offer.

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