U.S. gives Russian Federation 60 days to comply with nuclear treaty

U.S. signals it will suspend nuclear treaty with Russia after NATO finding

US to suspend nuclear pact over alleged violations

Accusing Russia of "cheating at its arms control obligations", Pompeo told a news conference in Brussels that Russia has 60 days to return to compliance with the treaty, after which time the United States would suspend its own compliance.

The United States warned Russia Tuesday it has 60 days to start complying with a landmark missile treaty or Washington could abandon the pact, creating doubts about nuclear security in Europe.

If Russia does not comply within the 60-day deadline, the U.S. will begin the six-month process of formally withdrawing from the INF treaty.

"We would welcome a Russian change of heart, a change in direction, the destruction of their program, and their followed-on continuance of the terms of the treaty, and so over the next 60 days they have every chance to do so", he said.

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NATO formally accused Russia on Tuesday of breaching the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which rid Europe of land-based nuclear missiles, issuing a statement that supported USA accusations of Russian violations.

U.S. President Donald Trump previously threatened to pull out of the bilateral pact.

They called on Russian Federation "to return urgently to full and verifiable compliance".

U.S. signals it will suspend nuclear treaty with Russia after NATO finding

The INF was a bilateral treaty between the USA and the then Soviet Union, so it puts no restrictions on other major military actors like China.

The treaty banned all land-based cruise missiles with a range of between 310 miles and 3,417 miles.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks during a media conference after a meeting of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation foreign ministers at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters in Brussels on Tuesday.

China, North Korea, and Iran are not obligated by the treaty's limitations, and, "This leaves them free to build all the intermediate range missiles they would like", he said.

"I regret that we now most likely will see the end of the INF Treaty", NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, adding that "no arms control agreement will work if it is only respected by one party".

The U.S. has remained in compliance of the treaty, the group added, despite claims by Russian Federation to the contrary.

The former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, and former USA secretary state, George Shultz, who helped negotiate the terms of the INF treaty at the 1986 Reykjavik summit between Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, warned of the dire consequences of ditching the treaty.

In the case of the INF accord, however, Europe sought to find a last-minute degree of common ground by arguing that any unilateral USA withdrawal without giving Russian Federation a final chance to show goodwill would let the Kremlin point the finger at Trump.

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