UAE Passport Becomes Strongest Passport in World

UAE passport ranked most powerful globally

UAE passport becomes strongest, globally first

In February, Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index declared that the Singaporean and Japanese passports are the most powerful.

In his remarks on the occasion, Sheikh Abdullah said, "This achievement is a true reflection of the legacy of Sheikh Zayed, the Founding Father of the UAE".

UAE jumped from third place last month into first after four more countries were added to its list of visa-free destinations on 1 December.

The foreign Ministry of the UAE noted that this success was achieved "positive diplomacy".

The UAE passport is ranked as the strongest passport in the world, as it allows visa-free travel to 113 countries and visa on arrival to 54 countries. The U.S passport moves up three places from previous year and is joint third and the United Kingdom remains joint fourth.

This beat last year's number one passport, Singapore.

Issued by the Arton Capital, the Passport Index ranks countries' passports based on the number of countries a passport holder can enter without obtaining a visa or obtaining it at the time of entry.

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Passport Index bases its ranking on the cross-border access a holder has.

The passport of the United Arab Emirates ranked first.

This information is obtained from the Passport Index.

After the UAE, Germany and Singapore, most of the third-ranking nations - each with visa-free travel to 165 countries - were in Europe, alongside South Korea and the United States.

The Emirati passport had witnessed unprecedented progress globally in the past few years, reflecting the global stature of the country, he said.

Through this achievement, the freedom of movement to many countries of the world is added to the list of priorities that the UAE offers to its citizens.

It's been a steep rise to the top of the list as previous year the UAE didn't even feature in the top ten.

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