Denton County Public Health encourages residents to get flu shots

Kentucky health officials urge you to get a flu shot

Kentucky health officials urge you to get a flu shot The Kentucky Department for Public Health urges people to get vaccinated

A time set aside to encourage those who have not gotten the flu shot to get vaccinated. When you get a flu shot, youre not only protecting yourself, youre also helping to protect the others around you from getting the flu.

The health department said that flu vaccination should also be a priority for those persons who live with or care for persons at higher risk for influenza-related complications. The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone over the age of 6 months.

Influenza antiviral drugs can be a second line of defense for treatment of some who get sick with the flu.

This week is National Flu Vaccine Week.

IN has already recorded two flu-related deaths this season. Antibodies that provide protection develop in the body about two weeks after vaccination.

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According to the American Lung Association, the influenza or flu is not just a bad cold, but a serious and contagious respiratory illness, and can be fatal.

Flu vaccination can reduce flu illnesses, doctor visits, missed work and school due to flu, as well as prevent flu-related hospitalizations. "Before you get together with grandkids and grandparents for the holidays, make sure you not only protect yourself from the flu, but your loved ones as well".

Because it is a preventative measure, the vaccine should be free under most health insurance plans. Thats why Im proud to be partnering with Rite Aid to help raise awareness about the importance of getting your flu shot every year. It is especially important for these individuals to be vaccinated each year.

Dr. Willbrandt says the flu starts with a rapid onset of fever, along with a runny nose, watery eyes, and body aches. Most people with a history of heart disease know they are at a higher risk for complications like cardiac rhythm problems, coronary artery disease and stroke.

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