Houstonians pay final respects to President George H.W. Bush

Former President George H.W. Bush's remains lie in state in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda

Former President George H.W. Bush's remains lie in state in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. Credit Cameron Pollack NPR

Throughout the service, the former presidents looked at times mournful, while managing to find moments of levity as well.

As Trump sat down, he only reached over to shake Michelle Obama's hand when she extended it over her husband and the current First Lady, but the sitting president didn't even bother to wave to Carter, the 94-year-old elder statesman who sat just five people down on the end of the aisle. The Navy is planning a 21-aircraft missing man formation for the interment ceremony of the former president at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station, Texas, on Thursday.

"He taught us public service was noble and necessary", his son and the 43rd president, George W. Bush, told the invited guests at Washington National Cathedral.

He bowed in front of Bush's casket inside the church on Wednesday night. Blair House is also known as the President's Guest House.

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Rather than a 21-gun salute, the Navy's planned tribute to the late President George H.W. Bush could be called a 21-top-gun salute.

George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton eventually became close friends and traveled together internationally.

During the exchange, Bush took a moment to slip into the aisle and sneak something that appeared to be a piece of candy in Michelle Obama's hand, mirroring the sweet moment the two had while attending the funeral services of John McCain in September. Dole, who is 95, was helped from his wheelchair to stand and salute his fellow World War II veteran.

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